What is Stem Cell Therapy?

A stem cell is an undifferentiated cell that has the potential to divide and differentiate into any of the 220 cell-types of the human body. Stem Cell Therapy (SCT), is the utilization of these cells in order to assist the body in the healing and regeneration of its existing cells.

Depending on the conditions, stem cells can be delivered through the blood stream or directly to the organ that is in need of treatment. Within 30 minutes of their delivery, the body starts to repair its damaged organs and the healing process can be observed up to 10 days after the injection. Several injections might be needed depending on the severity of the conditions and the expected results.

Why Choose Embryonic Stem-Cells?

  • 6-10 times more potent than adult or umbilical-cord stem cells in helping the body to heal.
  • Shown to be safe and effective.
  • Accelerates healing in the body within 30 minutes of injection.
  • Anti-tumor "cancer vaccine" effect not found in adult or umbilical-cord stem cells.
  • Lengthen the telomeres of our DNA.
  • Contain the Nanog gene, known for its anti-aging benefits.
  • Express MicroRNAs that aid in reversing keloids and scarring.

Comparative Efficacy in %

* Chart results are approximations based on preliminary studies

Embryonic Without The Ethical Concerns

Gone are the days when donated embryos were required to make embryonic stem cells. Stemaid™ utilizes an advanced process to reset a regular adult skin cell back to an embryonic state from which we derive our stem cell lines. In other words, potential-life plays no part in our production process. We can even create a custom stem cell line from a patient's own skin sample. These are known as autologous embryonic stem cells.

Stemaid Stem-cell Production Diagram

Pioneers in Embryonic Stem Cell Production

We were the first company in the world to produce embryonic stem cells for therapeutic use. With over a decade of experience, you can trust that our stem cells are safe and reliable.

  • 2004

    Company established and dedicated research begins.

  • 2007

    Clinical trials begin.

  • 2010

    Commencement of stem-cell distribution

  • 2012

    Commence production of skin-cell-derived embryonic stem-cells.

Treatable Diseases

Below is a list of conditions which have proven responsive to Stem Cell Therapy. If your condition is not shown in this list, please inquire with our medical team. New applications are always under development and we will give you the latest updates for your condition.


Alzheimer's Disease

Brain Injury

Cerebral Palsy


Heart Disease

Lyme Disease

Multiple Sclerosis

Pulmonary Fibrosis



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