Clara talks about stem cells and her heart condition.

Lyme Disease

Kim gives a testimonial, after having followed the Stemaid™ Lyme Disease Protocol


Kylie talks about how stem cells helped her father's condition.


John C. 65
“I joined the program because I could feel that my mind was not able to focus as well as before. After 5 months treatment, I can say that I have fully recovered my brain capacities. I have also resumed tennis competition which I had to stop 5 years ago because of joint pains.”

Amy T. 56

“It was a real surprise when I realized that my periods were back after 6 months of treatment. My skin is glowing and my hair is so much thicker. I really look 15 years younger, without going through any surgery.”

Peter B. 68
“After one year treatment, I have resumed traveling and making projects. When I first consulted with Stemaid, they diagnosed a tumor that they quickly removed with their cleanse protocol and stem cell treatment. I don’t remember when was the time I felt like I feel now. I have gained at least 20 years worth of energy.”

Ann T. 46
“After 2 months treatment, I was able to stop using sleeping pills and anti-depressants. My libido has improved so much. My husband wants to do the treatment too.”

Helen L. 52
“I never thought I would be able to walk one hour like I do now. Before the treatment, after 5 min. walk, I would look for a place to rest! I am so happy and feel so much energy.”

Laura S. 68
“My heart flow rate was at 30% when I first visited Stemaid. After 3 ESC injections it is up to 60%. I am regaining my life...”

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