Of the many patients who have received Stemaid's stem cell therapy protocols, a large number had been taking opioids in order to cope with the debilitating pain associated with chronic conditions such as Lyme or arthritis. It came as a surprise to learn that some of these patients had, of their own volition, managed to lower their opioid intake during the course of their stem cell therapy treatment and without the discomfort normally associated with doing so.

The embryonic stem cells (ESC) that we offer are well known to assist the body in repairing damaged organs, so it was only natural that the pain attributed to the chronic illness was also minimized, therefore reducing the need of opioids. However, the lack of severe withdrawal symptoms that typically accompany lowered opioid intake was, initially, unexpected until we better understood how ESCs balance the neurotransmitters and brain functions via its unique microRNAs.

How It Works

Opioid tolerance comes from the down regulation of the opioid receptor by microRNAs like miRLet-7, miR-23b or miR-339-3p1. The more opioid received by the hippocampus, the more these microRNAs are produced and the less active the receptors become, leading to the increased need of more opioid in order to reach the same level of comfort. Human Embryonic stem cells express a unique set of microRNAs that are not found in any other cells2.MicroRNAs induce a repair response in most organs and it is theorized that they antagonize the down-regulating microRNAs of opioid receptors, restoring their full function and therefore their capacity to modulate pain with less opioid.

The Protocol

More recently we have developed a protocol to assist patients in lowering their opioid intake. This protocol combines ESC (to restore the opioid receptor functions) with specific Chinese herbs known for their ability to combine with these receptors without the addictive effect of opioids3. The duration of this treatment protocol is then adapted for each patient's specific condition and medical history.

Whether your goal is to halt or reduce your opioid intake, please contact us now to learn more about a treatment facility near you that can help.