Some of our patients have agreed to be mentioned on our website so that we can illustrate the benefits of Embryonic Stem Cells.

Tristan's Story

TristanTristan was 14 years old when he started to have regular epileptic seizures. At age 20 he decided to contact Stemaid. At this time he was having several absences every day and regular seizures despite the high level of medication that he was taking. He had three 1-week sessions within an 8 month period. During his visits with Stemaid he underwent detoxification and a total of 5 stem cell injections were given. Tristan is now free of absences and hasn't had a seizure since his last stem cell injection. He has slowly lowered his medication over the course of the treatment and is now taking the lowest dose. He plans to soon stop the medication completely. Prior to treatment, his condition had prevented him from even thinking about having a job or a life by himself - yet now he is creating his own company.