What are Stem Cells?
A stem cell is an undifferentiated cell that has the potential to divide and differentiate into any of the 220 types of cells in the human body.
Depending on where they are harvested, their potential will be different.
Embryonic Stem cells can be harvested from 4 or 5 day old embryos left over after in vitro fertilization or specifically prepared by cloning using the patient’s DNA. At this stage of development the embryo is no more than a ball of cells and it is the 30 or so cells known as the inner cell mass that are extracted and cultured in the lab. In this way, the 30 cells can divide into millions of stem cells each with the capability of becoming any type of cell.
Embryonic Stem Cells are the most powerfully regenerative cells tested to date. Embryonic Stem Cells prepared with the patient’s DNA by cloning can be introduced directly into the patient's organ to replace the damaged cells and make them the best body repair kit.
Our Embryonic Stem Cells are grown without animal feeder layers and thus do not present any contamination danger.

What is Stem Cell Therapy?
Stem Cell Therapy (SCT), is a treatment that provides putting stem cells in the part of the body where it is needed in order to assist in the healing and regeneration of its damaged organs.
Depending on the conditions, stem cells can be delivered through the blood stream or directly to the organ that is in need of treatment. Within 30 minutes of their delivery, the body starts to repair its damaged organs and the healing process can be observed up to 10 days after the injection. Several injections might be needed depending on the severity of the conditions and the expected results.