Viagra's success is yet another indication of how common erectile dysfunction can be in every part of society worldwide. A few metabolic dysfunctions as well as aging are the main causes of this daunting issue and the introduction of Viagra, Cialis and other similar medications has brought relief and renewed pleasure to many men and couples. However, these pills are only masking the underlying problem.
Today it is possible to reverse the problem and regain one's erectile function thanks to the rejuvenative effect of embryonic stem cells (ESC).
The benefits of ESC regarding male libido were discovered as a side effect of other ESC treatments. All of the male patients who had received treatment for different ailments mentioned that after a few injections of Stemaid™ Embryonic Stem Cells, that they noticed a change in their reproductive organ functions. In their own words, they express how they had the feeling they were in their thirties again, full of energy and desire. Some were surprised to experience their morning erection again while they hadn't experienced it for many years.

Embryonic stem cells are known to repair the blood circulation system, starting with the heart. Patients with swollen purple limbs have been observed to regain normal blood flow after just a few injections. Increased production of testosterone was also measured shortly after ESC therapy. These two factors alone could certainly explain the improved erectile function after a patient receives embryonic stem cells. There may be other mechanisms at work and we will be sure to share these results once additional tests been performed.

Meanwhile, if you too want to benefit from the rejuvenation effects of embryonic stem cells, please contact us, we will be happy to help you regain your inner youthful strength.